Sarah is an artist based in New York City/Long Island and has received her BFA in Photography & Design from Purchase College in May '16, and is currently enrolled in an MFA program for Fine Art & Technology at NYIT. She specializes in photography, retouching, and graphic design but also has lots of experience working on films in the art department, contributing to the aesthetics of every scene.

Given her wide range of skills and experience, Sarah is able to see things from many different dimensions giving her the ability to consistently create a finished product that is both visually and conceptually fulfilling.

Sarah always brings enthusiasm and a smile to every project she works on. She loves collaborating, meeting new people, and her undeniable love of cats.

Some of her credits include:

-Graphic Design Intern for Allied Integrated Marketing

-Art Assistant for Vogue & Target Project

-Assistant Graphic Designer for film, "We'll Never Have Paris", directed by and starring Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory).

-Graphic Design Intern for fashion designer, Isabelle Donola, from "Project Runway: Under the Gunn."

-Set Design Production Assistant for film, "The Preppie Connection"


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